What We Do

Based on DNA nanotechnology, our novel family of Janus base nanomaterials provides highly effective, super biocompatible solutions that enable enhanced therapeutic delivery and regenerative medicine for articular cartilage, central nervous system disorders, solid tumors, and other chronic conditions. Our three generations of DNA-inspired nanotubes are a cost-effective alternative to existing options, and they have excellent scalability. We can customize our Janus base nanotechnologies to enhance the therapeutic efficacy of drug treatments for a variety of chronic conditions and medical needs.

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Our Product Areas Include

JBNp™, a new delivery platform for mRNA therapeutics and gene editing that can successfully pass through “difficult-to-infiltrate” tissue barriers. JBNp™ is room-temperature stable.

JBNm™ is a revolutionary cell-free injectable scaffold for use in orthopedic applications involving cartilage repair and regeneration.

JBNm-Tissue Chip™ simulates knee joints on a microchip for accelerated biomedical research and drug testing.

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